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Filling Lines After Pyrography

I was wondering what type of filler I should use to obtain a clear coat that will fill the indents obtained after burning wood (see image attached) such that the two surfaces are flat (I'll probably ...
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Finish Sanding before or after wood burning in a design

I am starting to get into pyrography and I am completing my first design; I am wondering if I should finish sand before or after I burn in the design? It would seem that after burning in the design an ...
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Pyrography criteria to justify changing tools with different woods?

I have been using a binding-post interchangeable-tip pen (as seen in the third image here from The Razertip® Wood Burning Systems for over 10 years now ...
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Easy to carve wood that takes a burn well

So I'm looking for a wood, but not sure which species would apply to what I'm looking for. Ideally, I would like a wood that is easy to carve by hand, but has a good color/grain and would take a burn ...
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