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Questions tagged [process]

Process questions pertain to issues dealing with planning out your woodworking project.

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2 answers

Forming 2x6 tongue & groove decking (with chamfers)

I have an exposed ceiling with 2x6 Tongue & Groove, with a chamfer detail. The basic profile looks exactly like the T&G you'd buy at home centers and lumber yards. But my ceiling was made when ...
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How would you make these brackets from Fine Woorking's Modular Wall Unit plans?

I'm a beginner woodworker, but I'm intrigued by these plans for a Modular Wall Unit from Fine Woodworking. They're outside my skill range but could be a fun challenge. The plans are pretty detailed, ...
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2 answers

How can I protect the part of my piece I don't want painted when painter's tape won't stick?

I'm building a dog house for my backyard and have put a water seal on the floor and porch, since those will be most exposed to the elements. Now I need to paint the walls and went to put painter's ...
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How can I install an adjustable leveling support leg in a table?

I'm building a big working table, and it has 4 legs of 90mmx90mm. I want to put some leveling mechanism that also protects the wood uneven floor. I found these pieces in Ali Express as I could not ...
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What are the precautions to take when working with Desert Ironwood

I have little to no knowledge on wood and woodworking. That's why I'm here. I got my hands on a piece of Desert Ironwood that I would like to use for a knife handle. I am worried since this wood is ...
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2 answers

Process for Food Safe Finishing

I have just created my first cutting board and coated it with some salad bowl finish. My question is what is the process for finishing the project? How many coats of finish do I need to put on it and ...
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Where to find hardware for awning mount? [closed]

I'm looking into building an awning, but having trouble locating some of the materials. Where would I find the hardware in the picture below? I need a somewhat decorative piece of metal to mount the ...
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29 votes
8 answers

Stain then glue, or vice-versa?

After you've fabricated your pieces, is it better to "glue-up", then stain? Or is it better to stain first, then glue? What's a good rule-of-thumb?
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