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Questions tagged [power-tools]

Tools that use some form of power other than muscle, usually electricity.

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How do I use this adapter for a router bit with an M10 internal shaft?

I purchased a Mafell hand router (model LO 65 Ec) and it came with this adapter: The top (narrow end opposite the threaded male) has some sort of female hex socket. Where are female threaded router ...
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What is the difference between dust bags for Festool vacuums which do, and don't, have the autoclean feature?

I have a Festool CTM26E, without autoclean, and I'm trying to choose aftermarket dust bags. Some of the bags I see on ebay say "Not suitable for CT standard version (without AC)" which is ...
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Hook and Loop sandpaper won’t stay on

I have an older DeWalt random orbital sander that I have recently replaced the hook Velcro pad. However within under 15 minutes of use brand new sandpaper disc delaminate - that is to say their loops ...
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Spindle moulder blocks and cutters

I have just purchased an old Tyzack spindle moulder (shaper) and need some help please. I'm new to carpentry and have never used a spindle moulder before. I am in need of a block and cutters. I ...
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Milwaukee driver battery wobbles on the body of the driver

When I attach the battery to the body of my new Milwaukee impact driver it wobbles but when it's on my drill it is ok is this normal
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Grinding down my endmill/drill/rotary bit's shank

I have another router with a 1/4" collet. I want to be able to use my 3/8" shank CNC endmill on it. So I'm thinking of grinding the shank to 1/4". Here's how I'm gonna do it: I'll put ...
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is it better to use more blade or just enough blade?

Super novice question! The blade speed at the points is the same regardless. Only the angle of attack changes. What are the pros and cons? I'd like to minimize chip out most of all since I'm working ...
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Rule of thumb for Power Tool Durability

We all know the basic rule: If you use a tool rarely, buy a homeworker quality power tool or a cheap one. If you use a tool often, buy a pro or semi-professional power tool. Allow me to summarize ...
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