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A wood product that is made with many thin layers of wood. The layers are generally laminated in alternating grain directions to improve strength and reduce warping.

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How to flatten 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood for laser cutting?

I use a laser cutter for some woodworking projects. 1/8" (3mm) baltic birch seems to be the standard wood for doing projects with this. But when I buy this wood, it is often somewhat warped and ...
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Glue spots under stain

I have two pieces of plywood that I joined with biscuits and wood glue (wiping away all excess glue after joining the two pieces. I then sanded the whole piece down to 220 grit. After staining there ...
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Is wood movement an issue with edge banded plywood?

For a normal hardwood desk/table top, if you band the edges with a strip of wood, it will not cope well with wood movement. Particle board doesn't suffer from this problem unless you get it wet, at ...
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How do I calculate the weight threshold for plywood boxes/cabinet carcasses?

How do I calculate the weight threshold for cabinet carcasses based on the dimensions, material (e.g., plywood, mdf), and material thickness? Has someone already worked out a nice formula that I can ...
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Exterior Plywood that looks relatively nice

I want to build cabinets hanging from deck joists. The deck will have a waterproofing system installed so there shouldn't be much (if any water). What are my options for plywood that can withstand ...
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Is vertical storage of sheet goods causing my boards to warp?

I have a consistent problem with warped sheet goods, particularly plywood and MDF. They always seem flat when I buy them, but by the time I use them they are always curved or twisted. It's a source of ...
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How do I remove pencil and lumber crayon marks non-abrasively?

I'm building a small project out of 1/4" Baltic birch plywood. I marked up the boards with lumber crayons and then wrote cut marks and part identifications with a pencil. I did most of my sanding ...
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4'x8' length cut - circular saw, table saw, or panel saw?

I'm a complete amateur trying to turn an old 14 wide x 22 long single car garage into a wood shop. Nobody in my immediate family or friends does any serious woodworking, but I do have some family ...
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What are some best practices and techniques for building cabinet boxes with plywood?

I often find myself wanting to build plywood boxes of various sizes for various uses. I realize that the size and use can dictate how to construct the box, but are there some general recommendations ...
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Will painting the edges of plywood hide the layers?

If I paint the edges of an oak plywood sheet, will it hide the layers well enough to not show through the paint?
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What kind of finish should I use inside dresser drawers?

I'm building a chest of drawers out of reclaimed barn wood. For the drawers I've used 1/2" sanded ply for the sides and 1/4" for the bottoms. They're pretty darn smooth but I'd like to put a clear ...
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Glue and orientation of 2 sheets of plywood

I have 2 pieces of 5-ply birch plywood, and I want to glue them together to create a 10-ply piece. My question is, does it matter which way I orient the two pieces? Should the grain be perpendicular, ...
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Reading a hardwood dealer's price list for plywood

I've seen The Wood Whisperer's video about some of the terms and such you see at a hardwood dealer, but it deals mostly with solid wood. There are some topics he doesn't touch on, like the various ...
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What is this plywood joining mechanism and hardware for knock-down furniture?

Just came across a plywood joint mechanism, which I found very interesting as new woodworker. Basically I don't know what it is called and can't find any in our local market. I am attaching the photos ...
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Would this TV stand made almost entirely of 3/4 in birch plywood withstand the load?

I'm currently doing a TV stand, pretty new to woodworking. And I was wondering if this would be able to hold the weight of the TV + soundbar? Let's say 40 kg / 88 pounds. The TV base is about 99 cm/39....
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How can I prevent tearout of plywood when cutting it with a circular saw? [duplicate]

Note: This question was closed as a duplicate because plywood and veneer both have similar issues when being cut with a circular saw. Hopefully the answers in both questions can help out. When using ...
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How to neaten holes in plywood with hand tools?

I'm making window apertures in 12mm plywood (it's birch-faced) for a doll's house. I'd like the window and door holes to be neat. I could use a router for this and then chisel the corners square, ...
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Sealing plywood from moisture completely - for use as damp-reptile habitat

What would you guys suggest to completely seal wood (probably plywood) from moisture. I'm building a new tank/vivarium for my lizard and while it is not going to be as damp as something like a frog ...
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Straight cuts in plywood without a circular saw

I'm looking to make some drawer boxes out of plywood, and don't think I have enough space to set up to feel safe using a circular saw (certainly no room for a table saw). Popular opinion seems to be ...
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Alternatives to edge banding for painted plywood?

I'm considering some 3/4 plywood for a project where a small portion of the edge will be visible. Hiding the edge with banding is one option but I'm wondering if there are simpler alternatives that ...
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How can I flatten out a cupped piece of 3/4" plywood for a wood counter top base?

I am building a kitchen island. On top of the carcass is going to be a piece of plywood, and on top of that a laminated solid wood plank top of 3/4" thick planks. The plywood is to provide enough ...
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Plywood Bunk Bed

I am trying to design a plywood bunk bed (4 beds and one pullout actually), and am trying to figure out how to join the pieces. My original plan was to use pocket holes, but now I am worried that ...
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Gluing plywood together

I have a small cabinet that I plan on wrapping in stained and wood and mounting on the wall as a liquor cabinet. The wrapped wood I plan on using 3/4 plywood with 5mm popular plywood on top of that. ...
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Flatten warped plywood

Is there a way to unwarp a piece of 20 x 20" piece of 1/8" inch thick piece of plywood? I trying wetting one side and weighing it down with weights.
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