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Cheap Surfacing Bit and Quality Carbide Cutters

Prices on spoilboard (surfacing, planing, & slab leveler) bits vary from $10 to $500. Naturally, the $20 Brand X looks the same as the $300 Amana: Has anyone tried mixing the Brand X body with ...
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Is it possible to convert Ikea crib to an adult sofa/couch?

I was planning to buy a second-hand Ikea Crib and turn it into a couch. However, the crib's maximum load is 50lb - which is way too low for any fully grown people to use. Is it possible to add ...
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Is there an "Open Source" repository for Sketchup woodworking plans?

Does anyone know of a good repository for woodworking plans in Sketchup format? I'm looking for something like Github, but for woodworking. Currently I just do searches for a specific plans in Google, ...
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Half-lap joints for day-bed build?

I'm building a 30"x80" daybed with a simple rectangular structure for the frame. I plan to use 2x6 pine cut to length for the frame. Please do not try to talk me out of the pine, I already ...
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Questions about making mirror frame

I am trying to make a frame for a smart mirror, I have only made the inner frame(in the picture, the sides are 12 inches, and the top and bottom are 28 inches, the monitor is slightly smaller than the ...
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How can I cut a custom height wooden door threshold? Table saw & planer

I have a piece of 2x8 redwood, and need to make a threshold for the following inswing door configuration: The door is exterior inswing with no overhang at all (Mediterranean style home). I have ...
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Cut list basics

What format should I write my cut list in? Should I add up the total amount of wood, or should I try to pick it up piece by piece?
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How to calculate rotation for three square interlocking angled legs?

I was inspired to try to create this style of legs for a small side-table that I am building: However I have been running into some trouble trying to work out how to construct it. I've been ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Rocking horse without a band/scroll saw or belt sander

Is there any way to create a simple rocking horse without a band saw or scroll saw or belt sander, and not spending days whittling/hand-sawing rough pieces? I have a miter saw, table saw, drill press,...
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Application for OSB board plans - fill rectangle with minimum amount of boards

first of all I'm sorry if I write something wrong, but English is not my native language and I'm not a professional woodworker. I'm searching for application that will help me to plan alignment of ...
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3 answers

What length screw should I use for a computer desk

I am completely new to wood working and am currently designing a computer desk. I do not know what length screws to use and the distance between them and dowels. Any other advice would be gratefully ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Tips for planing huge panels of joined wood

Somewhat akin to the purpose behind this question (Recommendation for manual planing and sanding), I am seeking advice from some experts that would help a hobbyist such as myself trying to manufacture ...
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Good way to illustrate project / make a template of my small wood phone dock project? (CAD)?

I have not done woodworking much before and a friend invited me to build something... I have it all planned out in my head but I don't know what software is available etc for making a good template ...
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How might I make a template to fit the top of my desk?

My desk is nearly finished; all that's left is to have the glass top cut. To do this, I need a template to give the glass shop. I can't just give them dimensions since it's not perfectly square. More ...
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How does one measure stock for miter cuts?

I have tried unsuccessfully to make picture frames on a few occasions. I find that when I am trying to make a miter joint, I err on the side of caution and start "long" and trim my way down to square....
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