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What are they and how do I remove them? [closed]

Have an old armoire that I'm refurbishing and have come across these... how do I remove these?
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How can I protect the part of my piece I don't want painted when painter's tape won't stick?

I'm building a dog house for my backyard and have put a water seal on the floor and porch, since those will be most exposed to the elements. Now I need to paint the walls and went to put painter's ...
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Why applying a high gloss Acrylic Clear Coat on our oil-based wood stain has created an inconsistent topcoat

I have a raw wood table where I did the following steps: Sand the wood Applied a linseed oil and let it dry for 3 days Applied an oil-based wood stain (semi-gloss) and let it dry for one day. The ...
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Do I need to strip my wood?

I'm painting a guitar using acrylic paints - Daler-Rowney system 3. I sanded off the old finish on the guitar, and have spray painted it white, before applying multiple coats of paint. I noticed, ...
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How to get this colour in pine?

any idea how this color can be achieved? Both the body and top, which seems to be different On top I believe is some sort of black wenge diluted, but the other one im not sure if it is grey and wiped ...
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Painting deep grain in oak

I have some doors and millwork in white oak and have noticed that after we prime it, there are, here and there long thin crevices where the oak had some exceptionally deep grain and the oil-based ...
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