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Characteristics and application of opaque finishes.

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Refurbishing Posts & Beams in a Modern 1954 House

I'm trying to refurbish the posts and beams in my house. They're quite beat up in some spots and have water damage streaks in the existing finish(es) in others, so I've decided to strip the existing ...
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Colouring applied wood filler

I’d like to preface this question by stating I am a complete novice when it comes to woodworking and this is in fact the very first time tackling anything like it. I bought a 1920s oak desk chair ...
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Durable clear finish over lettering on natural background

I am making a skittles board with b2 birch plywood. For those that don't know, this is not a candy server - it is a tabletop game somewhat like a combination of bowling, shuffleboard and top spinning....
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Do I need to use epoxy primer on fiberglass/epoxy before painting?

I am building a stitch&glue plywood boat that is coated with fiberglass and epoxy on the outside. I am trying to determine whenever I need to add epoxy primer on top of the epoxy coat before ...
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Problems with linseed oil paint

I have been trying to make my own linseed oil paint by adding pigments to boiled linseed oil. I have added around 500 g of titanium oxide per litre of BLO and around 125 g of zinc oxide (to help speed ...
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Not woodworking, but..need a washable sealant that won't absorb grease to be applied over a painted wall

I have painted a scene on the wall behind my kitchen stove. Now I need to protect the paint to that it 1) doesn't absorb cooking spatters and 2) is washable for the cooking spatters that do land on it ...
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