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Characteristics and application of opaque finishes.

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How do I achieve a "piano black" high gloss finish on wood?

I'm building some speaker cabinets for my living room out of MDF. I'm wondering how to achieve that "high gloss" / "piano black" look, like on B&W speakers or, well, black pianos... Any ideas? I'...
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What are the techniques to seal or remove sap?

For starters this is not green-wood. I have been cutting up some 2x4 into small blocks for painting and decoration. The block were cut and then sanded. About 3 days later I had the time to paint them....
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Dealing with knots "bleeding" through paint

I'm sure that people have seen this where you would be painting something white or lightish colour only to have the resin from the knots bleed through paint sometime later. Similar to what you see in ...
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How do I properly care for my paintbrushes?

I have been diligently cleaning my paintbrushes after use by rinsing them in the recommended solvent (in this case mineral turpentine). Nonetheless, this last time my paintbrush hardened into a solid ...
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Painting a built in bookcase?

I'm building a large built-in bookcase system for a home office (floor to ceiling). The bookcase is black walnut plywood with poplar trim and a 1/8" tempered hardboard backing. Bookcase will be ...
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Identifying Paint Type on Finished Furniture

I recently acquired a wooden table with a high-gloss painted surface. In moving it, I scratched one edge. I am hoping to repair the damage (hopefully without repainting the whole table) and then ...
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Which solvents can be stored in which plastics? -- is there an organic chemist in the house?

Now that coffee cans, and even larger glass bottles, are becoming hard to find, my workshop's pile of containers is mostly plastic. This has me wondering/worrying about which plastics might be ...
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Can you use painted wood in a planer without damaging the tool?

I am about to inherit some all-wood bookcases that are about an inch and a half thick. They have at least one ugly coat of paint on them. Stripping it would not be worth the effort and I would think a ...
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Will painting the edges of plywood hide the layers?

If I paint the edges of an oak plywood sheet, will it hide the layers well enough to not show through the paint?
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Should I use solid color wood stain or paint for my project?

I know questions based on opinion are not too welcomed here and I'm trying to avoid making this look like one. My situation is this: I'm building a piece of outdoor patio furniture. For part of that ...
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Finish for hand painted/lettered wood sign

I've just started cutting, sanding, and staining premium pine craft wood from Lowe's to make my hand painted signs. I do hand lettering and use water based acrylic paint pens and sometimes gel pens. I ...
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How to achieve a nice wooden like pattern with a white wash look?

I have some old furniture that I recovered a while ago. It had some missing parts (holes, etc) that I filled with white repair product. I than painted it solid white. I now want to change it. I ...
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How do I fix a new douglas fir tongue and groove exterior floor that is oozing sap?

I've just had installed a new Douglas Fir tongue and groove porch floor - the porch is covered but will still get some rain. The flooring already has two coats of Woodlife Classic and I will be ...
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re-finishing only a limited area of a guitar body

I have bought an Ibanez electric guitar some time ago and the finish was really bad, the top coat was very wavy and not properly finished, like it had not been properly sanded. So I decided to sand it ...
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