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Choosing wood and finish for outdoor furniture

What qualities should I look for in woods to be used in outdoor furniture and what are some examples of woods which have those qualities? What finishing options do I have for weatherproofing wooden ...
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How can I prevent outdoor cedar projects from losing their color?

I love the look of natural cedar for outdoor projects. I built a small garden fence a few years ago, and made the mistake of leaving it unfinished. It's completely gray/silver now. I'm planning on ...
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What should be done to treat decorative wood for outdoor use?

I'm building a live edge bench in memory of a loved one, and would like it to last as long as possible while weathering the elements year round. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, which means we get ...
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how can I make a cedar tree round into an outdoor table? [closed]

How can I turn a large western cedar tree round into a low table? I now have a large western cedar tree round. It's from a 100-ish year old cedar tree that a neighbor cut down. My wife would like ...
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How to can I repair/mitigate rot in the center of a Western Cedar tree round?

I want to turn a large western cedar tree round into a low table for a covered outdoor area. The round is from a 100-ish year old cedar tree. It was freshly cut (one month ago), is roughly 4 feet ...
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Shellac over paint, outdoors

I am making something for outdoor use and I've painted it with a matte exterior latex paint. I'm satisfied with the protection that the paint will offer but I'm experimenting with ways to make it look ...
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How can I turn a couple of logs into stubby legs for a outdoor tree round table?

I want to create legs for an outdoor cedar tree round table. I'd like the table top to be 18" to maybe 20" high. How might I securely attach these legs to the tree round? The tree round is 4' ...
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outdoor preservative

A neighbor has outdoor sculpture (an owl) carved from a tree trunk left at just the right height for the purpose when the tree was felled. It's several years old and well maintained. It's time to ...
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Finish options for oak chairs, outdoors + high UV

I have built four oak wine barrel chairs that will be outdoors in a dry, high-UV climate. I see other chairs in our climate that the poly finish cracks and doesn't last long. I would like to put on ...
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