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Questions tagged [nails]

The use, removal and properties of nails, and related fasteners, and the different tools required for those applications.

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How to build this wooden box

I am open to all your thoughts and suggestions! I want to build a wooden box that looks like this (measurements are in inches): The idea is to have a 5 boards: floor, ceiling, back, and two walls ...
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Can I use a 23-gauge pin nailer to temporarily tack 3/4" plywood?

More details on what I'm building below. I need something to hold 3/4" plywood in place sturdily enough that I can keep my angles correct and mark it; but loosely enough I can take it apart ...
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What's the manual alternative to 1" crown staples in cabinet joints?

My upcoming cabinet carcass calls for 1" crown staples to butt join 1/2" plywood pieces. It's a fast build for garage cabinets. What's a suitable alternative if I don't have a compressor/...
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Nails plus glue into endgrain vs screws plus glue vs dado (for shelf)

I'm building a hutch/book shelf for a small desk (2'x4'). Width of hutch is 48", depth 9.25", height about 18". Wood is nominal 1" thick "appearance boards" from a big ...
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How do cabinet makers achieve seamless joins

How do cabinet makers achieve a seamless fit when joining panels with dowels to make up their furniture? The dowels obviously help align the panels perfectly, but to avoid a half millimetre gap along ...
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Air Nails or Staples?

I have an air nailer/stapler capable of shooting, obviously, nails or staples. I've been using the nailer functionality quite often, to good effect, but I'm curious as to why someone would use the ...
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Is this resin & nail hole a Bad Thing for a chopping board?

I've turned a recycled piece of canadian oregon & a recylced piece of australian messmate into an end-grain chopping board. However, I've got minor concerns about two items on the end product ...
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Remove nails from table frame

I have an old table which I would like to disassemble and restore. The side and end rails of the table are joined to the legs using a mortise and tenon, which is then skew nailed from the inside of ...
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How do you use "v-nails" on picture frames?

I have tried using v-nails when making picture frames, but didn't have much luck. I tried using a hammer, a hammer+punch, and finger pushing. There must be a trick to this. What are the tricks to ...
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Questions about my custom stain and cleanup

As some know I was experimenting with making my own stain using vinegar and nails removed pallets. I used white vinegar and a couple hundred nails in a 5 gallon pail. In the end I have a stain that ...
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securing 3/8" plywood to studs

I am getting ready to put 3/8" plywood up in my shop for the walls. I was going to borrow my dad's pneumatic stapler but I forgot it. What I do have is a 16 gauge nailer that takes nails from 1" to ...
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What is the technique of turning a nail back on itself called?

I was watching a video demonstrating a technique of putting a nail through two pieces of wood, bending the nail back on itself against a metal plate and hammering it in, so that the end result was ...
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What is the best way to remove nails from pallets?

What is the easiest and best way to remove nails from old pallets so as to not damage the wood? I was thinking along the lines of using a hammer to drive a flat head screw driver in there and prying ...
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Making fake/pseudo plugs or caps

Gifted amateur working with variety of different woods like pine,oak and something from Indonesia that I haven't typed yet. If one needs to use caps or plugs for recessed screw/nails you would just go ...
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With a pneumatic nailer what is more important the quality of the nailer or the nails?

I needed/wanted a small pneumatic nailer for assembling small wood construction. I purchased an inexpensive nailer and nails at the local discount store, and found the nails often jammed. Within a ...
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