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For questions regarding mounting of completed pieces to their final location (e.g. shelves on a wall, etc.)

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Flush Mount USBC Port In Wooden Desktop

I have a wooden white laminate desktop for my office desk. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse. I'd like to add a usb-c port in my tabletop to be able to charge my keyboard and mouse, and going for ...
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Desk wall mount

I want to install a wall mounted desk in our living room. The goal is to only mount it on the left and back wall (see image). The table is glulam beech (200cm x 60cm x 3cm). Option 1: I wonder if ...
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Adding linear motion capability into a piece attached to wooden surface

I have a USB hub that has a large number of wires that are coming into it. This is HDMI cables, VGA, USB cables, power and Ethernet. The USB hub connects to laptop using a USB-C. This USB-C cable is ...
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Bookcase mounting question

I am planning to build a bookcase inside an alcove, on top of some base cabinets. The bookcase is to take up the entire alcove width and remaining height of just over 1500mm, and it will be ...
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Options for invisibly mounting slats on ceiling & walls

I'm building out a van conversion and want to mount a few dozen wooden slats to the walls and ceilings, similar to the picture below. I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to do this with ...
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Best method of joining these two pieces seamlessly?

I will be creating a floating side table for my wife and am wondering the best way to join two pieces of wood. They will be joined in an “L” shape with the back of the L hanging against the wall and ...
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Is there anything out there that I can attach to the wall with no-damage tape and then drill the mounting screws into that wood instead of the wall?

I'm trying to mount a baby gate but the ends require you to drill the mounts on each end directly into the wall. I was wondering if there was a way to attach a block or something to the wall with no ...
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Mounting method for tabletop

I'm working on designing a table for my kitchen (no A/C for moisture control) and I'm not entirely sure what the best method for securing it would be, and if I should even bother accounting for ...
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Best way to mount bench vise for my particular bench?

My bench has a 2x4 edge and if I line up the vise where the inner claw is flush so I can mount things vertically, then a little of the vise overhangs a little. Would this not be proper? If I push it ...
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Is this shelving wall mounting idea stupid?

I am quite an amateur when it comes to woodworking, but I am very pragmatic and have done as much research as I can think to do so I don't mess anything up. But I can't really find anything to suggest ...
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Invisible wall mounts

I built this wall mount thing (~ 3ft wide, 1/2" poplar) hung with a cleat (oak): The problem is, I don't like the way the cleat looks. I think it looks sloppy. But, I want the piece to be backless, ...
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