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Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a sawdust/wood particle and glue composite fused with heat and pressure to make a simple sturdy material.

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6 answers

How do I achieve a "piano black" high gloss finish on wood?

I'm building some speaker cabinets for my living room out of MDF. I'm wondering how to achieve that "high gloss" / "piano black" look, like on B&W speakers or, well, black pianos... Any ideas? I'...
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2 answers

Does MDF have a grain direction?

Plywood is assembled, at least from I can see in this video, so the sheets are arranged perpendicular to each other so that the directional durability of the grain is complimented to give an overall ...
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2 answers

Enlarging a stepped through hole

I had some speaker baffles cnc'ed and it looks like there is a mistake in either the drawing or the actual machining. I need to increase the diameter of the outside step by about 1/8" not the through ...
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3 answers

Improving sag resistance of MDF shelves

Wood is all 19mm MDF except the back panel and the horizontal boards are wedged between the sides and held by 2 screws on each side. I want to reduce the chance of the shelves sagging over time. How ...
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5 answers

Is vertical storage of sheet goods causing my boards to warp?

I have a consistent problem with warped sheet goods, particularly plywood and MDF. They always seem flat when I buy them, but by the time I use them they are always curved or twisted. It's a source of ...
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3 answers

How do I treat MDF?

I recently bought a workbench with a 900x1500x12mm MDF top and it doesn't appear to be sealed. What should I apply to seal the edges from leaking and seal the top from absorbing? Indoor use, subject ...
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1 answer

What is this plywood joining mechanism and hardware for knock-down furniture?

Just came across a plywood joint mechanism, which I found very interesting as new woodworker. Basically I don't know what it is called and can't find any in our local market. I am attaching the photos ...
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2 answers

How to flatten MDF board

I have just acquired 84" rails for my tablesaw and constructed a new outfeed table that spans the whole width. Now I want to build a filler table at the side of the table to continue cast iron top ...
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How many 6mm dowels to support a shelf of a given weight?

I’m building a bookshelf out of MDF (18mm thick) using 6mm dowels (Silverline brand like the dowelling jig). Each shelf will be dowelled in place at the back and on both sides. I’m concerned about ...
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