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How heavy should the drawer front be?

I just finished building plywood drawers that are 60 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 15 cm high. They are made of 10 mm plywood, hanging on high quality soft close slides that are rated 45 kg per pair or per ...
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How can I increase the resistance in an adjustable scissor-lift?

Recently I built a scissor-style laptop raiser and book lectern. It works fine, but the weighty laptop requires much tightening of the wingnuts, making me fear that over time the wood will crack (they'...
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Cutting copper with woodworking saws

I'm working on a project which includes a copper bushing (made of 3/8" OD copper tubing--the walls of which are somewhere around 1/16"), and am considering how to batch out these parts. The ...
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What are the pros/cons of HSS vs Chrome Vanadium in drill bits?

I need to purchase a set of brad point bits (all I own are split point). I see some that are High Speed Steel (HSS) and others made of Chrome Vanadium (Cr-V), and I'm not sure how much the steel ...
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Grid pattern made out of thin wood slats or MDF

Can the wood slats or MDF be purchased pre-cut ready to assemble? If available does this product go by another name? I have read the article detailing how to make this using carpentry equipment but I ...
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Wood selection for casings and baseboards?

I have the problem of selecting wood for making casings and baseboards and other architectural trim. In my situation cost is not an objective. The millworkers I currently use prefer sapele. The ...
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Where to get a brace like this?

I took two from an old table I bought retail. Need two more though. No idea where to get something like this.
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Cribbage Peg Slot Metal Slider/Cover?

I am making a cribbage game board and need assistance finding the best way to create or find the peg slot metal slider or cover. I have been looking for the metal slides to cover the peg board slot ...
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Strength of oak versus maple

I am planning to build a heavy duty work bench from a custom end grain butcher block table. The maker offers five different woods: maple, oak, cherry, walnut, and industrial maple. I know that oak is ...
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Cut list basics

What format should I write my cut list in? Should I add up the total amount of wood, or should I try to pick it up piece by piece?
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Is there such a thing as a woodworking chisel with a high-speed steel tip?

I do metalworking in addition to woodworking (as a hobbyist in both cases). As I was sharpening my chisels, I was thinking I would like it if the edges held up a bit longer. Reflecting on that a bit ...
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self leveling compound for my box

I would be really grateful if somebody can help me with the design for my box. I got stuck and just can't find the way around. See the images on my website: My initial concept was a basic rectangular ...
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Durable sled base material [duplicate]

I want to make a sled with t tracks in it for rips on my table saw. Ideally 1/2" thick if material permits. Max 3/4". I want it to never warp or twist. I also want the edge to be durable since it ...
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What material is suitable for a children's desk/furniture?

I want to build a children's desk for my wife's two nieces. I have some very nice oak but I don't feel like using something like that would be smart because it will be beaten up, painted over, and let'...
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How to bend chipboard into a cylinder without tearing it apart?

I am currently trying to make a cylinder out of chipboard(the cardboard that notebooks are typically made out of). However, whenever I try to bend it, parts of the chipboard start to tear. How do I ...
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How to bend chipboard into a cylinder without tearing it apart? [duplicate]

I am currently trying to make a cylinder out of chipboard(the cardboard that notebooks are typically made out of). However, whenever I try to bend it, parts of the chipboard start to tear. How do I ...
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What are Rockwell points?

I was looking at scrapers and some of them mention their Rockwell Point value. Pertinent information from that page: They are a nice complement to our other scrapers and just a couple of Rockwell ...
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Is PVC pipe safe to use for a dust collection system?

I'm in the early stages of designing a dust collection system for my home shop. My existing system, a dustpan and broom, is vastly inefficient for my setup, which includes a tablesaw, router table, ...
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How can I safely move complete 4 ft x 8 ft sheets of plywood alone?

I saw this photo of a lounger made out of plywood, and I am pretty certain it would be easy to execute with a jigsaw, sandpaper and patience, but one thing I've never tried is to bring an entire sheet ...
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How do I calculate the weight threshold for plywood boxes/cabinet carcasses?

How do I calculate the weight threshold for cabinet carcasses based on the dimensions, material (e.g., plywood, mdf), and material thickness? Has someone already worked out a nice formula that I can ...
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