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Uses and applications of the common raw material also known as timber (British English, in the US/North America timber refers to standing trees).

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Do I need to dry white oak before it can be used for an outdoor balance beam?

I'm planning to build an outdoor balance beam in a 3-part right-angle Z- shape ( ‾‾|__ ) and have access to some fresh-cut white oak (6"x6") which I think will do well outside, but I'm not ...
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Dowel vs screwed butt for strongest butt joint in moving structural frame

Hi I am reading about all the different joint types and when to use them. I am building a frame out of 2x2 lumber, joined at 90% most of the time, that will be under a lot of stress. I figured out ...
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Will 4/4 rough sawn white oak warp over time?

I have a bunch of 9' long by 6" 4/4 rough sawn (flat sawn) white oak in my garage. I'm curious as to whether I should expect it to cup and/or bow over time. It's kiln dried. I have it in stacks, ...
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Black Walnut logs - comparing value as a unique feature in home vs. cash

About a month ago, I had a black walnut tree felled in my back yard (downtown Lansing, Michigan). The tree had to come down for many reasons: juglone from the roots was poisoning the neighbors' yards ...
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