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Identification of vintage wood lathe tail stock with 1/2-20 threaded arbor

I have inherited a wood lathe (Spiegel "Precision Bilt" Model 87B630). The tail stock uses an 0.81" (assuming this is 13/16") diameter keyed shaft, and the live center screws into ...
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Is the MT2 Arbor for a Drill Chuck milled incorrectly?

I'm not necessarily new to woodworking, but new to lathes. I've borrowed a Rikon 70-100 lathe from a friend. It has a MT2 receiver in the tail stock, and currently has a live center on the tail stock....
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Why is my wood screw getting stuck in my bowl when turning with my lathe chuck?

I'm starting wood turning, I'm currently doing my second bowl. For some reason, my wood screw is getting stuck in my bowl. (both times) Whenever I try to remove my bowl, it simply does not move. It ...
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How to use this type of chuck without grooves/teeth?

This chuck here is the chuck I have with my lathe. It doesn't have any teeth or grooves to bite the wood. Just smooth surfaces. Does anyone know how to use it?
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Does a 3/4x16tpi for a 5/8 plain spindle adapter exist?

It may be bad form to ask for a product recommendation here, but it's tough to do web searches for these things. Apologies if this question is out-of-line. I just picked-up a 3-jaw 3-3/8" lathe chuck ...
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Identify this chuck / faceplate mounting

I'm learning to turn, and found this in a box of chucks and faceplates. The central hole isn't threaded but is recessed on the inside, so I thought it might be a type of mounting for a faceplate, or ...
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How do you turn the bottom of the bowl?

How do you turn the bottom of the bowl? Do you have to leave a rabbet or tenon? What if I don't want to leave a tenon as a foot? or the chuck damaged the foot and I want to clean it up/remove it?
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When do you use a chuck vs. a faceplate on a lathe?

I'm interested in learning to turn and recently bought an old Delta/Rockwell lathe that came with some basic accessories. I get the impression that a chuck and faceplate both serve the same purpose, ...
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