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Is this knockdown three-post joint resistant to racking?

I am building a very large desk which has kind of a post-and-beam base construction. Since the desk is L-shaped, and roughly 5'x7', there are a couple of places where three beams come together at a ...
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Pluggable boards joinery

I'm looking for a pluggable (fast assembly) way to join two plywood boards. I liked the method that the company Tylko uses. I wonder if parts for such joinery are freely available on the market. What ...
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What is the name of this basic removable joint?

I want to try using this basic joint to make removable legs for a table, but what's it called?
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Which weight bearing knockdown joints

I'm building a Murphy bed with 18mm plywood. I would like to use knock-down joints for the sides of the base (outer-frame). My research led me to cross dowels (see below) When doing some tests ...
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Best knockdown joint for loft bed?

What is considered the strongest knockdown joint when putting together a loft bed? I'd like to build a very sturdy and kid resistant loft bed for my son. If anyone knows of a really nice plan I can ...
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What type of joint should I use for building a piece of furniture that will be assembled and disassembled?

I am working on a large piece of furniture that cannot fit into my home fully assembled. I must carry the smaller pieces through the door and assemble the item in its final resting place. What ...
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What is a wedged through tenon and how is it used?

What is a wedged through tenon and how is it constructed? How is it different than a "standard" mortise and tenon? When should it be used?
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