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Hardwood or Softwood screw threads for Baltic Birch plywood?

Would Baltic Birch fall into the "Softwood and Plywood" (coarse thread) or "Hardwood" (fine thread) category when it comes to screw threads? The application is putting threaded ...
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How big hole can I drill in edge of plywood?

I want to glue two 3/4" (11/16" actual) sheets of Baltic Birch plywood together to make a 1.5" (1.375" actual) thick sheet. I then want to add two "legs" coming out of ...
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Is this knockdown three-post joint resistant to racking?

I am building a very large desk which has kind of a post-and-beam base construction. Since the desk is L-shaped, and roughly 5'x7', there are a couple of places where three beams come together at a ...
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Pluggable boards joinery

I'm looking for a pluggable (fast assembly) way to join two plywood boards. I liked the method that the company Tylko uses. I wonder if parts for such joinery are freely available on the market. What ...
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What is the name of this basic removable joint?

I want to try using this basic joint to make removable legs for a table, but what's it called?
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Which weight bearing knockdown joints

I'm building a Murphy bed with 18mm plywood. I would like to use knock-down joints for the sides of the base (outer-frame). My research led me to cross dowels (see below) When doing some tests ...
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Best knockdown joint for loft bed?

What is considered the strongest knockdown joint when putting together a loft bed? I'd like to build a very sturdy and kid resistant loft bed for my son. If anyone knows of a really nice plan I can ...
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What type of joint should I use for building a piece of furniture that will be assembled and disassembled?

I am working on a large piece of furniture that cannot fit into my home fully assembled. I must carry the smaller pieces through the door and assemble the item in its final resting place. What ...
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What is a wedged through tenon and how is it used?

What is a wedged through tenon and how is it constructed? How is it different than a "standard" mortise and tenon? When should it be used?
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