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What happens to kiln-dried wood when it's exposed to moisture?

I have no experience with wood and just started reading a book by Haun Larry. Let's take an example. What happens when it rains and an under-construction house doesn't have a roof yet. Do any ...
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how to heat a wood kiln to 140 F safely

I am trying to heat a wood kiln safely to 140 degrees F. Ideally there would be a commercial product available. All electrical heaters have a high temp cut off switch around 120F that protects the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Can I use a conventional oven or toaster oven as something similar to a dry kiln?

While researching the answer to the question about What are the techniques to seal or remove sap? I found that putting the wood in a dry kiln, under specific circumstances, is one sure way to bake/...
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Other than speed does kiln drying have any advantage over natural aging?

Green wood has several drawbacks for use in most projects. For the most part all of the wood you purchase is kiln dried. One benefit of kiln drying is the time from forest to manufacture can be a ...
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12 votes
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When is it best to use kiln-dried vs. air-dried vs. green wood in a project?

Kiln dried wood is usually recommended for woodworking projects since it's more stable than green and air dried lumber. On the other hand, I've been told kiln dried wood is bad for lathe work, and in ...
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