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wood frame, corner joints and braces

I'm building an outside enclosure for my cats. I've done that before using pocket holes and lots of screws. I've since added a router to my tools collection and was wondering if it's a good idea to do ...
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Beginner Woodworker - Chair Leg - Three way joint 3 x 2

I'm a very new woodworker and am building out a frame for a conservatory corner sofa. My current hurdle is deciding on the correct way to make a three way joint for the upright (sofa leg), bar that ...
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How to join green wood to kiln dried wood, if possible

I'm modifying an existing pine bed frame to make it into a high bed. Three corners will be bolted to the walls and I intend to replace the fourth leg with a long piece of timber. I have the ...
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Bunk bed frame corner design?

Edit: I withdraw the question but am leaving it up for posterity. Based on comments, I think it is is malformed. I reframed it as a "what joinery should I use" question here. Like most new ...
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4-way foldable X joint

I'm trying to design a 4-way X-shaped foldable joint. Something that is 4-legged and connects at the middle, but can also be folded up into a straight object. Is this possible? What would be the name ...
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Building a rectangular pyramid

I have made a set of Yahtzee™ dice from a 4x4 post. We have been using a bucket as the 'shaker cup'. I would like to construct a wooden 'cup'. My concept is two use two identical rectangular pyramids, ...
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