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3 votes
1 answer

What are some techniques for jointing boards using a router table?

I've seen suggestions to us a router to joint edges of boards, and some answers here that mention it, but I don't seem to be able to get the necessary precision using a router and table. I've tried ...
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1 answer

Can I handle bows and crooks with a hand plane?

I'm using salvaged wood and my project involves some boards sitting next to each other, so the bowing and crooking are easy to see. I plan to nail 1x1's across the backs of the boards and anticipate ...
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Bunk bed frame corner design?

Edit: I withdraw the question but am leaving it up for posterity. Based on comments, I think it is is malformed. I reframed it as a "what joinery should I use" question here. Like most new ...
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