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3 answers

Protecting wood from powder post beetles

I have some rough sawn maple that I'll be storing for a while, I've read that as long as there's no bark on it, it's safe from new infestations of powder post beetles; is this true? Is it better to ...
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What is this pest living in my drying lumber and how do I eliminate it?

this is my first time going from log to bowl, so please forgive me if I've made any really dumb mistakes. I felled a birch and a beech tree (I'm in New England) and cut them into ~4-foot long ...
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Killing Borer in Wooden Coasters

Sorry if this question already has an answer somewhere, I couldn't find it online or within this community. As my first foray into woodworking, I'm making relatively simple wooden coasters from red ...
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How do you remove bed bugs from lumber?

I have access to a large amount of lumber that is infested with bed bugs. Is there an extermination technique that I can do at home to rid this wood of the infestation? I am open to applying pretty ...
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Supplied PAR white oak, one plank has woodworm holes

I'm a novice woodworker. Ordered £2000 worth of PAR white oak online. One 2m plank of 144x45 has worm holes at 30cm from the end. When ordering I specified I would be cutting to 1m lengths but on ...
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Does a vacuum kiln kill powder post beetles?

As I understand it, the accepted method for killing powder post beetles is bringing the temperature of the kiln above 130deg for at least 6 hours. Would a vacuum kiln that pulls 29.5" wc and then ...
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Termite treatment for non-treated lumber?

Yesterday I found a great deal on 3" x 12" x 12' non-treated lumber (pine). I bought several pieces, but before using it for an indoor table, I want to add a termite-resistant treatment. Once I add ...
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