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How to fasten, temporarily, panels at an obtuse angle?

I want to make panels to place around trees to protect them from deer. I'd like to make the panels modular so I can assemble 3 of them in a triangle for a small tree, 4 in a square for a bigger tree, ...
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How difficult is it to go from Blum Tandem Plus to the Blum Legrabox drawer system for a DIY cabinet maker [closed]

I built a couple dozen Blum "Tandem Plus" kitchen drawers many years ago (3/4" prefinished maple), with the grey metal sides and they were relatively easy to build and install. Now it's ...
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How To fasten rubberwood desktop to electric motorized steel base, in easy detach/ knock-down way using Fasteners? e.g. Wood inserts?

How To fasten rubberwood desktop to electric motorized steel base, in easy detach/ knock-down way using Fasteners? e.g. Wood inserts? I'm designing & putting together a workstation desk with the ...
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Hardware for mounting a fence on a DIY rabbet/plow plane

I'm working on a design for my own plow/rabbet plane with a steel skate, because I like a challenge. The fence will be wood. The skate and fence will slide on a pair of steel rods (which I can order ...
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What hinge system can “hide” a drop down door?

I want to construct a tv console with a drop down door, but i want the door to fully retract into the cabinet after it’s dropped down. I’m not sure what type of hinges i need for that. what hinge ...
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Options for attaching bed legs at an angle

I'm trying to recreate this bed. Right now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to attach the back leg which is at an angle. It needs to be disassemblable. The manufacturers assembly instructions ...
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Track hardware for hanging plywood panels

I have been looking all over for specific hardware that allows panels to be mounted with the rail hook mounted to a notch. This pdf shows the mounting technique
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What does a hex nut say about the age of a butcher block?

I just bought an old, thick butcher block (~16”) that has loosened up over the years and I can’t determine how old it is. It does have ~5/8” through rods that have washers and hex nuts on them. I ...
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How to keep two boards from a table aligned?

I need to find a way to keep two oak boards (20 cm wide, 5 cm thick) at the same level as one is a little is a little bit bended/twisted (~ 3-4 mm). Just by pressing on it is enough to put it ...
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