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Removal of swan neck drawer handles

I'm restoring a pine table. The two drawers have old drop down swan neck handles which I want to remove in order to properly sand and then varnish the drawers. I've taken the bolts off the two screws ...
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Remove and replace inset wooden handle

I have acquired a Danish vintage teak sideboard with distinctive inset wooden handles that the designer used on a range of pieces. Unfortunately, one of the handles has been damaged over the years and ...
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Turning chisel handle templates?

I'm new to turning and I'm looking to turn some chisel handles, but I want them all to look the same. Are there any printable online templates that anyone knows of? Is there anyway I can create my ...
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Good wooden handle to hung an axe?

I was grinding and sanding this wooden handle for a day or two lately and I nearly finished it, but I noticed, that I filed off a bit too much at the part, where the axe head goes on. I just took a ...
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Can i use Aspen wood for my beginner axe handle? [duplicate]

This is the first time i'm creating what i hope will be a well enough durable axehandle. I don't like to buy my wood, I would rather take a tree down and work from the beginning. It's feels better in ...
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Color cross-contamination after sanding

I'm a novice woodworker making a knife handle from two different woods. The front and back of the handle are Indian rosewood, while the middle part is birch root. During sanding, it looks like some ...
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Carving a wooden handle - any rules of thumb?

I am carving a box with a pin-hinge lid out of a spalted japanese maple branch. The branch had an egg shaped cross section, so there is a ridge running down one side of the box. I am considering ...
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Router bit used for this profile?

I'm pretty novice and am currently experimenting with my newly purchased router table and am making cut out handles in plywood doors. I'd love to achieve something similar to the attached image. I'm ...
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What is the best method for sanding a rectangular cut out

I'm currently working on a cutting board with a rectangular cutout for a handle. I used a jig saw to cut out the handle, and need to sand the edges of the cut. It's the first time I've tried one of ...
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How do I cut a hole into a cutting board for a handle

I'm looking for a way to cut a handle hole into a cutting board using only hand tools. I don't have a router and would like to complete this project using what I have. Looking to do something like the ...
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What are some suitable woods to use for tool handles?

We all occasionally have to replace a tool handle, be it an axe, a shovel, a sledge, whatever. The standard handle materials seem to be hickory and ash. I've bought my share of hickory handles from ...
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Is a broken handle on a hand plane fixable?

I found a cheap hand plane at a garage sale. All the parts were there and the sole appeared to be in excellent condition. Then I noticed the handle was cracking in several connected places. The handle ...
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