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Questions tagged [glue]

Chemical joinery. Using glues to attach pieces together.

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wooden wheel cribs - car stands

I have some overstock of some baltic birch plywood and 1" MDF and I'd like to make some wood cribs similar to the ones in this forum My intention is to sandwich a 12"x12"x1" piece ...
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Failed table leg glue up removal

I purchased a lovely table on the cheap off Craigslist that needs repair to the table legs. Fractured at the point where the legs meet the base, the breaks were filled with some kind of glue but not ...
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Veneering over inlaid metal

I'm making wall-mounted bottle openers with magnets below the opener to catch the bottle caps as they fall after they're removed. The magnets are "rare earth" magnets with a metallic surface. The ...
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Is Titebond All Purpose White Glue just a diluted version of the Quick & Thick?

Not technically a woodworking question, but a question about woodworking products... I am looking for an affordable white glue to use making cardboard furniture. I'd be bonding cardboard to itself ...
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Repairing small crack in cutting board

Yesterday I noticed a small crack (about 2 cm long) in my cutting board. I'm not sure what happened since I frequently oil my board with mineral oil. Also note that the split is not on a glue line. ...
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DIY- how to build a long desk tabletop with solid wood planks that are large but shorter than the length of the desk

I am trying to build a desk for the home office area in my attic room. I would like to make a long wall-to-wall desk by gluing together a few big solid wood planks. The total length of the desk should ...
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How to stabilize a bar table with hairpin legs

I'm doing a one-off project for a much-needed small dining space in the holiday home. I have a set of 4 hairpin legs at 106cm each that I want to use for a bar table. I want a nice table top but want ...
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