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What would cause wood filler to turn black when refinishing oak floor?

I was refinishing some old oak floors in rough condition, and troweled in Duraseal wood filler after a rough sand. Mostly, it worked fine, but in some places in one room, the filler turned dark or ...
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How to account for expansion / shrinkage in flooring

I need to replace some of my red oak flooring. 32 planks of my red oak flooring take up exactly 65 inches. Is the wood really 2 and 1/32th inches wide? Or are you supposed to leave a little bit of gap ...
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Is it possible to smooth over sides of re-finished area?

This will be a very basic question, but I'm not sure I trust Googled results. For example, there is a suggestion that I "feather out" polyurethane finish; my experience tells me that it is ...
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What’s this kind of cracking on the surface of these boards called? Is it fixable?

I’m familiar with this type of crack/check, but I’m not sure how to describe it, or if there is a technical term. I’ve encountered this in the past when we built log furniture, and someone told me it’...
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Method to remove wood sticker stain / discolored area from pine?

I am using some old pine for flooring and want to keep the rustic saw mark appearance on the face. There are 1” wide horizontal stains across the boards left by wood stickers from drying or stacking ...
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Can I apply a wood veneer on stairs?

I have finished my pine stairs recently. I am not that happy with the end result as the wood colour doesn't match my floor (long story). I am seeking solutions and friend suggested applying a an oak ...
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How to fill 2”x12” gap in hardwood floor with something that looks nice

I have a 1-2" gap in my hardwood floor after I needed to swap a larger register with a smaller one. 1 I need to replace a 12" x 10" supply register grill with a 12" x 8" ...
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How to finish untreated European Oak wooden floors

I have bought a Oak Wooden floor planks unfinished. I have filled all the knots with clear resin and sanded it back for a lovely finish. I now need to protect the planks from drying out and cracking, ...
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Connecting a 2x4 to hardwood floor.. without screws?

I would like to put up some glass walls in a rented space that has hardwood floors. The issue is that the hardwood floors were replaced right before our lease and management is reluctant to allow ...
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Repairing splintering line in 115 year old pinewood floor

We are renovating the hallway floors in my old apartment, and am running into a splintery patch I am not sure how to deal with appropriately. The floor boards are pine, 115 years old, about 30 cm (12&...
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Finishing options for naturally looking wood flooring

I have sanded my wood flooring and I want to put a protecting finish on it. I want to keep it looking as natural as I can and not shiny. Any help please
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How to level plywood/OSB shed floor

We recently purchased a barn-style 8 x 24' pre-assembled shed. When it arrived, the plywood floor was not even. The edges weren't aligned, so the floor is 1/8 inch higher in some places. I'm wondering ...
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How can you design a solid wood floor that allows for expansion without gaps between the boards?

If every board is nailed down on one side of each board, then gaps would open between each board when they shrink. Dust and debris would fall into cracks and any liquid spills would get between the ...
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