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Can you make rip cuts using the rip fence and sliding panel at the same time?

Consider the following sliding panel table saw: I usually clamp the piece to the sliding panel and then smugly push it into the cutting disc with one finger. However, when making rip cuts, it is ...
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How to clamp a fence for a router on a narrow piece of wood

I have a few dados to make with a router on MDF boards. The boards are 28 to 40 cm (11" to ~15 3/4") wide, and lengthwise they range from 80 cm to 250 cm (~31 1/2" to ~98 7/16"). I'...
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Flottjetb bandsaw attachments

I recently bought a Flottjett band saw, it looks like this one. It has a nice solid table with channels. They are 16mm wide and about 5mm deep, and now I am looking for parts like a miter gauge, or at ...
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Why do many router table fences have a 45 degree vertical edge at the router side?

I've seen many home made router table fences where the sacrificial plates have a 45 degree angle at their vertical edge at the table router side. Examples are here, here, here, here, here, here, and ...
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Dowel joint between 3/4"x4"x3' pine wood board and 3/4"x4"x36" acrylic panel

New to the forum and need advice. I need to join existing pieces of pine 3/4" x 4" x 24" and/or 2" x 2" x 54" pine leg (3 dowel holes provided by wood supplier) with a 3/...
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What size is the T-track for Metabo Bs 0633 bandsaw table?

Problem: I recently bought a used Metabo Bs 0633 bandsaw but cannot find any marketed t-track attachment for the t-tracks running parallel to the blade. Question: What is the name or sizing category ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Is there such a thing as a standard sized track for mitres/fences etc?

Is there a standard or common size or sizes (width/depth/profile) for tracks in machine beds and jigs for fences, mitre gauges, feather boards etc? If there are a few common sizes, do they vary from ...
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Advice on my Delta Unifence?

My Unifence handle is not staying down/engaged. It’s somehow to do with the handle/cam lever and/or thrust washer and/or…? If I hold itin position/down the fence locks tight in place as it ...
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Prepping new, very rough, pressure-treated pine fence for staining

Our new 6' privacy fence is very rough, shaggy, almost furry. We've been told it's best to get the surface smooth before staining both to allow for better absorption and to prevent unevenness when the ...
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3 answers

Broken Fence Post Fix?

I have a broken 4x4" fence post at bottom. Post is in concrete Wondering the best fix without digging up concrete and doing it all over. Thanks!
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1 answer

What is attached to this rip fence?

What is the silver thing attached to the rip fence on this table saw?
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4 votes
2 answers

What are the holes in a circular saw rip fence intended for

I have a rip fence on my circular saw similar to the one here. What are the holes for? Can I add a longer piece of metal / wood to extend the fence? Wouldn't that then make the measurements on the ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Freestanding Fence Post Support Size

I'm a complete newbie to woodwork - please bear with me! I'm trying to build a free-standing fence or barrier that will sit on top of concrete similar to this picture: The fence I want to build is ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Adding height to wooden fence post

Would it be strong enough if I was to add 1ft of fence post to a 5ft garden post using a box joint? I am looking at attaching a 6ft wooden gate to it on one side and a standard fence panel to the ...
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1 answer

Cheap table saw fence techniques

For a set of bookshelfs I decided to slice up a 4*8 sheet of cabinet grade plywood. First I broke down what would form the sides I intended the shelves to be 6 inches deep for DVDs and 45 inches tall....
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7 votes
2 answers

Do I need to seal the ends of hardwood fence boards?

I am building a small horizontal fence. The facing is batu and matches my front entryway deck. I put penofin penetrating oil on the fence boards. Do I need to seal the end of the hardwood fence ...
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3 answers

How can you safely operate a router table without a fence?

I am now the proud owner of a used router and table. I am just getting ready to use it for the first time and was reading some emails and saw the following ad. Image from WoodPeck So almost all ...
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