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Will cracks form in paint of plywood with solid wood nosing?

I'm building a piece out of plywood and attaching solid maple edge-banding so that I can add an edge treatment. I know that when gluing wood cross-grain and then painting it that the wood movement ...
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Making MDF look like plywood with layered edges

I'm wanting to make a cheap birch ply-looking worktop for myself with MDF. The only issue I have is that I would also like to have the layered plywood edge rather than a traditional edge banding. The ...
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Is there a way to hide the adhesive line from iron-on edge banding

I applied iron-on edge banding to the edges of a piece of veneered MDF. The edge banding and the veneer on the MDF are both walnut. The adhesive on the back of the edge banding is white and is quite ...
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2-3'' inch hardwood edge banding for finger pull?

Are there any concerns about using 2-3'' hardwood edge banding on MDF? The reason for using 2-3'' would be to create a finger pull like the one in the picture. The maximum size of the doors would be ...
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What is the best process to create a laminated panel with MDF core, linoleum & veneer faces, and edge banding?

what is the best process to create MDF with linoleum on one side, veneer on the other and edge banding? The result should look like this. Mine doesn't come close and I am unsure about the best ...
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Alternatives to edge banding for painted plywood?

I'm considering some 3/4 plywood for a project where a small portion of the edge will be visible. Hiding the edge with banding is one option but I'm wondering if there are simpler alternatives that ...
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