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Lumber crayon versus crayola...what's the difference?

I recently heard of lumber crayons that are used for marking pieces on boards, particularly rough sawn boards. I'm about to embark on a new project using rough lumber and wanted to gauge how many ...
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What are some tricks to draw long arcs along a table apron

I'd like to cut an arc along a table's apron, like in the image below. To scribe an arc circle for a gentle curve, e.g. 1" in height at the apogee and spanning a 48"-long apron, one would need to ...
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Good way to illustrate project / make a template of my small wood phone dock project? (CAD)?

I have not done woodworking much before and a friend invited me to build something... I have it all planned out in my head but I don't know what software is available etc for making a good template ...
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How to scorch to darken a part of a piece of wood and not the other?

I intend draw a dark line 50mm / 2" large using a blowtorch on a piece of pine wood, but how to have a nice & clean line border ? I thought of using sacrificial wood pieces or aluminium sheets as ...
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