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Risk assessment for using draw knife/shave horse with children?

I work at a school and we have a green woodwork area. Which is awesome! I’d like to work towards using a shave horse and draw knives with the children there, aged 8-16 years. I’ve used shave horses ...
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Drawknives for carving tree stumps

I have a maple tree stump in my front yard I plan on carving into a "Hobbit House". Is using a drawknife better at carving vertically (I want to keep it smooth)? I have wide wood chisels but ...
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What is the draw knife technique with pencil marks called?

I've seen someone shape a piece of wood with a draw knife by marking the wood in places with a pencil, then drawing the knife over the area until the mark was gone. Then repeating. He seemed to be ...
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When is the ideal time to work green wood

I had made a really simple bow saw during my summer holidays. I was trying to see if I could make a project from start to finish using only hand tools. I cut some poplar (Mostly guessing but the ...
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