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Question about the strength of Douglas fir

I need your help. I am a rock climber and I use a hangboard (photo) to train finger strength. It's a wooden board mounted on a 3/4" thick piece of plywood, which is screwed into some studs with some 3"...
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Lumber Dimensions for Brachiation Ladder (Monkey Bars)

My American Ninja Warrior watching daughter has asked me to build her a Brachiation Ladder (fancy name for overhead ladder or monkey bars). Here's an example: The interesting part is that she doesn'...
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The wooden frame is wet and it's raining. Should I mount the roof now?

It has been raining all night and the wood is thoroughly wet. I want to screw on the ceiling plates (and apply the epdm on it). It doesn't seem like a good idea to my, because wood expands when it is ...
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How do you straighten/bend wood planks without removing any material?

I have some 6' long 2"x12" planks of douglas fir that dried into a twist, I need to straighten it out but I don't want to plane this any thinner. So basically I'm trying to bend the board back into ...
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How can I determine the load capacity of a simple bench?

I'm new to woodworking and I'm in the planning phase of making a bench like the one pictured below. I'm planning on storing very heavy boxes on this and would also like to use it as a stool to reach ...
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