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Questions tagged [cutting]

Use when cutting the wood is of central importance to the question. Not for questions about planing or milling.

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Spindle moulder blocks and cutters

I have just purchased an old Tyzack spindle moulder (shaper) and need some help please. I'm new to carpentry and have never used a spindle moulder before. I am in need of a block and cutters. I ...
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Cutting Paulownia wood with a jigsaw

Would a jigsaw be a suitable tool for cutting Paulownia wood across the grain? If so, what sort of blade should I use for the job. If not, what would be the best way of going about it? The material ...
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Unwanted change of depth of cut

I have a Jet 10" 708325 table saw. I set the depth of cut, but the blade lowers itself after a couple of cuts. I do not see anything in the manual addressing any adjustments.
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