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5 votes
2 answers

One day projects for wood working fundamentals [closed]

I like to teach woodworking to small groups on the weekends. These groups tend to have some basic tool knowledge, so we aren't starting from absolute scratch, but sometimes its close. In the past I ...
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13 votes
5 answers

What alternatives are there for pocket screws?

So I borrowed a Kreg jig from a friend and was using some scrap 2x4's to work on the Community Project: Lets build a workbench!. Unfortunately I came to an impasse. I went to 3 local hardware stores ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How do I avoid tearout when planing end-grain? [duplicate]

I am making a birdhouse and wanted to ensure that the two sloped sides of the box were the same height so the top flap would sit flat on both sides. I grabbed a block plane to do this and had really ...
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9 votes
5 answers

How do I secure wheels to a workbench?

As part of my building of a workbench as referenced in this meta post, I attached some wheels to the bottom of the bench by securing some 2x4x4 blocks to the corner of each foot. Over time, the ...
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