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Restoring the finish on linseed oil-finished cabinetry

Thirty years ago I built two bookcases from an unknown tropical hardwood. I was in a tropical environment, but knew the cases would end their lives in the Midwest. Given that, I chose to finish the ...
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Can I use tung oil on an old rimu coffee table if I don't know the original finish?

I bought an old rimu coffee table that's been sitting in a garage for the last few years. I really like how it looks so my plan is to clean it thoroughly and then apply pure tung oil for protection. ...
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2 answers

Cleaning "kitchen dirt" from old spice rack pieces

I'm restoring 60+ years old small spice rack for my mum - I've "unglued" it with a heat gun and now I don't know how to clean it - it's now in several small pieces, ranging 5cm to 30cm (2&...
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Old wood stock - black spots

I’m refinishing an old Stevens 315 shotgun. (Mfg in 1938) The wood appears to be maple. I stripped any old finish and sanded to 220. However, there still appears to be some type of embedded grease or ...
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