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About uses, techniques and wide variety of temporary fasteners

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21 votes
3 answers

Can clamps be too tight?

When gluing pieces together, I've always used an abundance of clamps and tightened them with all my might. Is it possible to tighten them too much? At some point, could I squeeze out so much glue that ...
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What advantages do F-style clamps offer for gluing up a thick laminate?

I was reading the "How to Make a Bandsaw Box" by the Drunken Woodworker, and I noticed he used a ton of F-style clamps for the initial glue up. Later he uses some Bessey K-Bodies for re-gluing the ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Applying clamping pressure on opposing sides of a circle

I was in a boardroom and I noticed that one of the clocks had dropped off its nail and it broke the frame in two places. I assumed is was a very cheap clock made with plywood or some other engineered ...
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21 votes
4 answers

How do I clamp box joints?

When making box joints, per a number of articles I've read, I've left the fingers a touch longer than the thickness of the board. So if I'm making joints on 1/4" plywood, my fingers might be 5/16" ...
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How to clamp where clamps cannot reach?

The jaws and throats of most clamps don't allow much space for securing deeper on larger panels, boards or pieces. Sure, toggle clamps can be placed anywhere but you need to damage a surface in order ...
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