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3 answers

Is there a safe way to make a plunge cut with a chainsaw?

Having looked up chainsaw safety videos on the internet it seems that a big danger with chainsaws is kickback - where the tip of the chainsaw contacts something unexpected and throws the blade back up ...
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What is the difference between a chisel bit and regular chain saw blade?

I was at a saw shop the other day and someone asked for a chisel bit chain. When I get a chain at the DIY store it comes in a box and the only choices are brand and size. The chain this customer got ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Does the bar oil from using a chainsaw create problems for woodworking?

I have some smallish sections of a tree trunk that I would like to break down, but they are too big for the power tools that I own, other than my chainsaw. My biggest concern with the chainsaw is that ...
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2 answers

Can I add a longer bar to my chainsaw for milling lumber?

I've got a Stihl MS 271 with a 20 inch bar and I love using it to mill up logs into pieces I can use. I often run into larger stock that would really be easier with a longer bar. That said, the spec ...
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Storing a chainsaw for occasional winter use

I'm curious if there's any difference in storing / maintaining a chainsaw for occasional use in winter. I live in the northern US and temperatures are typically around freezing, with some occasional ...
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2 answers

Changing bar & chain on Husqvarna chainsaw

The original bar and chain that came with the chainsaw had 38cm length, 0.325" pitch, and 1.5mm gauge. Can I change them with a 45cm length, 0.325" pitch, and 1.3mm gauge? I know the length is ...
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Electric chainsaw mill

Are there any electric chainsaws out there powerful enough to run a Alaskan chainsaw mill? I am looking at the husky 3120xp but they are so expensive.
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