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Preparing and using hand-held cabinet scrapers

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Unable to sharpen cabinet/card scraper

I am unable to sharpen a card scraper despite trying many times. I am using a Crown card scraper and burnisher. Most times I start by filing the edges, followed by whetstone, and then on to the ...
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Cleaning grime from kitchen cabinets

I'm helping a neighbor clean up their parents' house for sale. The kitchen custom cabinets with raised panel doors have a good bit of build-up from 20+ years of cooking. They are very good medium dark ...
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How to flatten out a wavy panel?

So I have created a door panel that has a herringbone design using 1" x 6" thin black walnut panels. I went through and filled small cracks with a glue / sawdust mix and then sanded it down as normal ...
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To prepare SPF (spruce/pine/fir) tabletop before a finish: should I use scraping, planing, or sanding?

My tabletop is made of selected SPF boards and has been planed with a handplane. I've added breadboard ends to each end. I'm preparing the surface for a finish, and trying to avoid sanding altogether, ...
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Maximizing chatoyance in claro walnut

I am trying to maximize the chatoyance in some knotty Claro walnut I got. After planing I am using a cabinet scraper because I was told that sandpaper causes the wood to have a lot less chatoyance, ...
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What are Rockwell points?

I was looking at scrapers and some of them mention their Rockwell Point value. Pertinent information from that page: They are a nice complement to our other scrapers and just a couple of Rockwell ...
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How do I prepare a scraper for use?

In this answer LeeG talks about that a scraper needs to be burnished and sharpened. How does one do that?
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What are the differences between sanding and scraping?

How do both techniques compare? In terms of result, cost, applicability to different kinds of wood, different shapes of work pieces and cleanliness of process. I always used sandpaper to get a smooth ...
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