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Questions tagged [butcher-block]

Thick panels or blocks, large or small, made up of numerous (usually small) pieces of wood, oriented so that the end grain forms the working surface. As in traditional butcher's blocks.

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What does a hex nut say about the age of a butcher block?

I just bought an old, thick butcher block (~16”) that has loosened up over the years and I can’t determine how old it is. It does have ~5/8” through rods that have washers and hex nuts on them. I ...
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how to make a simple bench out of butcher block leftover from our kitchen remodel, or how to find instructions

We have a few big pieces of butcher block that the contractors left after remodeling our kitchen a few years ago. My 9-year-old daughter and I want to make a bench out of it. We looked on youtube for ...
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