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Questions tagged [butcher-block]

Thick panels or blocks, large or small, made up of numerous (usually small) pieces of wood, oriented so that the end grain forms the working surface. As in traditional butcher's blocks.

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How can I fix or avoid streaks with wipe-on polyurethane?

I have been working on a birch butcher block desk. I stained the desk then waited 24 hours before applying my first coat of brush-on satin polyurethane. I applied two coats of brush-on poly (24 hours ...
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Is my grandfathers table repairable?

Recently came across a table my grandfather made about 50 years ago. Clearly hasn’t been stored properly but I would love to save it. I’m not sure where to start or if it’s possible. Would love ...
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After 4 coats of light wipe on poly my counter looks spotty

I have butcher block counter tops that I just bought. Unfinished birch to be exact. I stained the block then let sit for 48hr. After that, I put 4 coats of wipe on poly on. It looks and feels fine ...
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What plane should I get for planing an antique end grain butcher block

I have purchased an old butcher block that has extensive damage to the top. I want to flip the block over and plane the other side smooth to be the new top. The butcher block is constructed with the ...
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how to make a simple bench out of butcher block leftover from our kitchen remodel, or how to find instructions

We have a few big pieces of butcher block that the contractors left after remodeling our kitchen a few years ago. My 9-year-old daughter and I want to make a bench out of it. We looked on youtube for ...
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Separation in Butcher Block

Had an email today about a board that had started to split. This was a new board. We're wondering why this failed so badly - the only other time I've seen a stringy separation like this was when heat ...
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Glue-up for butcher block-style countertop

Background I am working on a butcher block style countertop / tabletop, and am wondering how best to glue the wood together. The countertop is unfinished maple hardwood floor, with the tongue / ...
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What does a hex nut say about the age of a butcher block?

I just bought an old, thick butcher block (~16”) that has loosened up over the years and I can’t determine how old it is. It does have ~5/8” through rods that have washers and hex nuts on them. I ...
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Does a "butcher block" glue-up behave like quarter sawn?

I'm building a new workbench and bought some maple for the top. I plan to rip the boards into strips and glue the face grains together so that the edge grain is exposed up top. This allows for a very ...
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Pores on the face of an end grain chopping board

I recently bought a Hevea chopping board which the manufacturer had annoyingly engraved their logo into, creating a small trap for food particles. It was pretty cheap so I figured I'd keep it and just ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Using raw beeswax for cutting board finish

I am finishing up an end-grain butcher block cutting board (my first attempt) for my parents Christmas gift. Thus far I've finished it with mineral oil that I've been soaking into the pores. My last ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Safety of commercial oil for cutting boards

Recently I've asked in a couple of places about which oils should be used to finish cutting/butcher boards. Mineral oils were on the list as well as other types of products (tung oil, waxes, etc.). ...
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Is it hopeless to glue together two parts of oiled butcher block countertop?

I just got this oiled butcher block counter top yesterday, and I'm planning to on one end glue it to a another part of the same wood, cut shorter. I have heard that glue won't stick well on oiled ...
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3 answers

How can I carve out an inset in butcher block?

I am trying to create a topper for my subwoofers to turn them into an end-table/subwoofer. My plan is to get a piece of 1⅜" butcher block and take about ½" out of the middle so it will ...
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8 votes
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Glue for butcher's blocks

I have made a chopping board for my kitchen out of some sort of hard dark wood. I don't know what it was. Because there was a crack in the product, I chiselled a slot down the crack and then glued a ...
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Type of wood glue-up used in some Ikea furniture?

Some Ikea furniture, such as the Norden table series, uses a distinctive type of striped wood for the large flat surfaces. These surfaces appear to be many pieces of approximately 1–⅜ &...
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