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Using a hot iron to emboss or decorate wood

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What is round firewood called?

I'm looking for the name of this type of firewood. These are mostly made from limbs or small trees, about the size of a softball or smaller. Here is a link to a youtube video that shows two folks ...
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Filling Lines After Pyrography

I was wondering what type of filler I should use to obtain a clear coat that will fill the indents obtained after burning wood (see image attached) such that the two surfaces are flat (I'll probably ...
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Large Scale Woodburning

Has anyone tried to do woodburning on a large scale with a branding-iron stlye tool? Looking to make about 100 coasters with same wood-burned image. Since I have foundry equipment, my thought was to ...
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How to apply polyurethane?

A few weeks ago, I found a really nice stick. I carved it and sanded it into a walking stick. I want to apply polyurethane, but I don't know how. I have several cans (the spray-on kind) of it in my ...
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How to scorch to darken a part of a piece of wood and not the other?

I intend draw a dark line 50mm / 2" large using a blowtorch on a piece of pine wood, but how to have a nice & clean line border ? I thought of using sacrificial wood pieces or aluminium sheets as ...
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