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Primarily meant for questions about turning bowls on the lathe.

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Use of carpet tape for turning a bowl

I'm learning to use an inherited wood lathe, and would like to turn a basic bowl. I have a couple of face plates but no three-jaw chuck (and no funds to buy one right now). I have read you can use ...
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Salad bowl split?

I have a terrific salad bowl that I use all the time. Where it was originally joined, on the side, has begun to separate slightly - enough for dressing to seep out. I need advice on which food safety ...
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How can I control the "reddening" of Red Alder as it dries?

On the top is a freshly turned Red Alder bowl. As it dries, the alder bowl turns splotchy red. Different bowl redden different amounts. How can I control the amount the bowl turns red? Ideally it ...
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Carved kuksa of ash wood has split and oozed water, what has gone wrong?

I hand-carved my first Kuksa a month ago from half an ash log. I worked with semi-dry wood (definitely not green, but still wet). I used axe, Japanese gouge and knife and all went well. The bowl is ...
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What finish should I use to make a bowl "microwave-safe"?

I want to give a turned bowl to someone as a gift, but I know they will inevitably use these bowls in the microwave. From my own experience of force-drying wood in the microwave, I know it can get ...
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What are these blemishes called and how do I avoid them?

I'm just beginning bowl turning and can't seem to avoid these deep blemishes in the exterior and interior of the bowl. Are these pockets naturally occurring in the wood or am I causing them through ...
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2 answers

What kind of wood blanks should a beginner use for bowl turning?

I recently took a bowl turning class and want to build experience in a frugal way. From a quick online search, I see bowl blanks cost around $10 ~ $30, depending on the wood. What kind of wood blanks ...
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Filling pores on a turned bowl while remaining foodsafe/organic?

I recently received some really helpful answers to a previous question I had that exposed a big gap in my understanding of turning. This answer mentions "filling the pores" of a walnut bowl as a ...
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How do you make nesting bowls from a single piece of wood?

I've seen matching sets of turned bowls that fit inside each other almost like Russian dolls. I've also heard turners actually say the bowls were cut out from the same piece so they didn't waste a ...
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How to effectively fix a crack in a turned bowl

I recently came into possession of a wonderful turned maple bowl however there is one downside. There is a small crack about halfway through the bowl. The crack goes fully from top to bottom but not ...
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What tools can I use to hollow out a bowl?

I'm interested in creating two types of bowls. The first is relatively straightforward - in design, at least - as it will just be a large salad bowl. The second is going to mimic a bowl I was gifted ...
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