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Can I handle bows and crooks with a hand plane?

I'm using salvaged wood and my project involves some boards sitting next to each other, so the bowing and crooking are easy to see. I plan to nail 1x1's across the backs of the boards and anticipate ...
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Bowed wood for door build [duplicate]

I'm preparing to build some doors for my workshop and I'm really struggling to get help with an issue I'm having. I'm going for a framed ledge and brace design and I've got my components, however, a ...
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Will varnish stop bare wood from warping?

I am looking to purchase some unfinished ash strip wood for some interior decorative purposes. The retailer advised that whilst it is 'ready to use' (in reference to the wood having been planed etc), ...
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Improving sag resistance of MDF shelves

Wood is all 19mm MDF except the back panel and the horizontal boards are wedged between the sides and held by 2 screws on each side. I want to reduce the chance of the shelves sagging over time. How ...
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How to straighten AC plywood for desktop

I'm building a very simple work-from-home desk, with 3/4" AC fir plywood for the top. The plywood has a concave bow on the top side. How do I straighten this board? Other details: I've already ...
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How to prevent desktop from bowing?

So, this is usually a problem for particleboard shelves, which bow under the weight of books. But my question is actually about the desk, which I built myself: It's a small desk (36x20inch), its top ...
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Thicknessing and planing wide hardwood boards

I have some 600x1200mm (24"x47") hardwood (iroko) boards at just over 27mm (>1") thick that used to be old work tops from a school. I would like to clean them and use them for a kitchen worktop as it'...
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"Annealing" wood?

Is there a process for wood similar to annealing for metals to relieve internal stress? For example, if I have a thin piece of oak used for trim that is bowed sideways (bowed parallel to trimmed face)...
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Stabilizer for softwood tabletop that bows

I am building a cheap dining table out of cedar 2x4's. This is obviously not my first choice for wood but money was my limiting factor. I have planed them down to size and biscuit joined them together ...
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How do I make a table top from oak 1" x 4"

I have some decent lengths of oak 1"x4" leftover from another project and would like to create a table top out of the pieces. The table I am looking to create is not large, it will be a bedside ...
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