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Is it possible straighten (unbend) a piece of coconut shell. Steaming it or heating it?

Is it be possible straighten a piece of coconut shell using similar techniques to bend wood? I know it's not wood but I just can imagine cutting the coconut shell in many tiles and later straighten ...
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Pine vs Birch plywood bending

I'd like to make something like in this picture I'm thinking of using 1.2mm plywood doubled on each side. Is birch plywood (which seems to be quite a bit cheaper) any worse than pine? If you have any ...
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What is the mimumum bend radius for 6 mm Medite Tricoya Extreme MDF?

What is the minimum radius that 6 mm Medite Tricoya Extreme MDF (an MDF for outdoor use) can be bent to? If possible I want to bend it to a radius of 2500 mm, without kerfing. It will be fixed with ...
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