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Food safe potting/knot filling compound

I recently made an end grain cutting board. Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention during the glue up and I have a couple of knots/knot holes that go through the board. The largest hole is ...
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How much clearance/slop is allowable for a structurally sound PVA wood glue joint?

When I am cutting structural joinery, mortise and tenon joints in this case, what is the maximum difference between the mortise dimensions and the tenon for a good glue joint if I am using standard ...
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Can you fill cracks in the side of a live edge slab

I have a couple of live edge slabs I was planning on making into live edge end tables but I'm wondering what to do with the cracks in the side - if anything can be done at all. Could I fill them with ...
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'Wood glue doesn't stick to wood glue'. Could this conventional wisdom be wrong?

I've noticed something unexpected while testing PVA glues for strength. Glues tested: Titebond Original, Titebond III Ultimate. Wood species: Beech and Pine (and other unknown hardwood species). ...
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Best method to attach an edge board to an end-table top board

I'm making a end-table topper out of 1 3/8" butcher block for over the top of a subwoofer. I posted a question about how to route out the center of a board. It was determined that although it is ...
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Does epoxy PSI rating really matter for wood?

I've always used the strongest JD weld epoxy for glue ups rated at something like 5000 psi 'just to be safe' since the only downside was having to wait around 12 hours for curing https://www.jbweld....
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In what ways does wood glue bond differently than other glues? [duplicate]

Wood glue is very specifically used for wood. How does wood glue bond differently compared to other glues like epoxy or Elmer's glue? I'm not talking about what makes wood glue unique or special (...
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Is hide glue suitable for gluing together wooden picture frames?

I would like to glue together the mitred ends of some beechwood, using hide glue. My concerns are ... Is hide glue strong enough? Does hide glue last? Are there any known instances the glue starts ...
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Fixing cedar pocket hole failure

I built a cedar above ground planter last summer for my mother-in-law, and one of the sides didn’t hold well. I used pocket screws to secure the sides to the posts - but one broke out (pic below)... ...
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