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Wood glue curing vs drying time

The glue I’m using says it dries in an hour but cures in 24 hours. What is the difference and is there benefit in leaving clamps on for the full 24 hours? Assume strength is important.
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Do I need to thin boiled linseed oil?

I'm finishing a hard maple joiner's mallet with boiled linseed oil (BLO). The instructions on the container say to cut it with 2 parts mineral spirits to 1 part BLO. Is this strictly necessary? From ...
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Water-based polyurethane Vs. Oil-based polyurethane

What are the key differences between a water-based polyurethane and a oil-based polyurethane? How would one be better than the other? What lasts longer on wood, penetrates, Etc. When should there be ...
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What finish is suitable for a childrens toy?

I'm designing a children's toy and I need it to have a non toxic, water resistant finish that can withstand being put in mouths, being thrown around and that is easy to clean.
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How long before polyurethane finish on desktop is dry?

I'm a total newbie and just made a simple desktop. I finished it with Minwax polyurethane satin. The can says let dry after final coat for 24 hours, but from what I've read on this forum it sounds ...
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Didn't wait long enough for tung oil to dry before applying wax - can I just leave it be?

Ok, I am pretty new to woodworking. I treated some poplar with half tung oil, half citric oil (for thinning the tung oil and facilitating absorption). I waited 24-48 hours and then I applied All ...
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Finish and pitted grain in red oak

I am refinishing an old Franlin desk. The wood is red oak. The pores are fairly open. After sanding off the old finish and stain the wood looks like the surface of the moon (a slight exaggeration). I ...
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Filling Lines After Pyrography

I was wondering what type of filler I should use to obtain a clear coat that will fill the indents obtained after burning wood (see image attached) such that the two surfaces are flat (I'll probably ...
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Do I need to worry about incidental contact between a finish and its thinner / solvent once it's cured?

This is probably most applicable for water-based finishes, but I suppose it could be generalized to all finishes. Once a finish has dried / cured, do I need to worry about incidental contact between ...
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Does water-based polyurethane affect paint color?

I recently painted a dresser. I originally painted it a darker gray than I wanted so after putting the initial two coats on I took the paint back to Home Depot and had them lighten the rest of the ...
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Stain lifting when refinishing antique maple door

I am refinishing an antique interior door for our bedroom. I scraped off the old varnish type finish, maybe shellac, and sanded to bare wood (220 grit). I applied oil based "Old Masters" ...
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Oil finishing exposed surface only?

I am new to woodworking and Youtube has been my guide so far. Most videos I have seen, I see them finish with oil but only on top/exposed surfaces. For example, not on joints or under the table/...
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