I purchased a Mafell hand router (model LO 65 Ec) and it came with this adapter: enter image description here

The top (narrow end opposite the threaded male) has some sort of female hex socket.

Where are female threaded router bits used? All my existing router bits just have a smooth 8mm shaft that I attach using the included Mafell 8mm collet. All the router bits I've ever seen just have smooth metric or imperial shafts. I can't find any female threaded router bits for sale online.

  • Nothing in the manual covers this? If the paper manual is just a brief introduction/overview an online one in PDF format may be more comprehensive.
    – Graphus
    Sep 9 '19 at 6:54
  • The manual describes how to add/remove it, which is just like a collet. It mentions that it's for use with female threaded milling cutters. What I don't understand is what female threaded router bits/milling cutters exist, in what applications they're used for, etc.
    – rcampbell
    Sep 10 '19 at 17:47
  • 1
    This is kind of another standard in Germany, or at least you can by router bits with M12x1 threads... Since Mafell is a German company, I guess the add this to be compatible... But I haven't seen these bits live, only on the internet.
    – drmariod
    Sep 11 '19 at 12:13
  • 1
    Example: scheerkoch.de/shop/Schnaeppchen/…
    – jdv
    Sep 11 '19 at 15:36
  • 2
    I'm hesitant to provide an answer because I'm no expert, but there doesn't seem to be a specific application, other than the obvious: these are low-slip "collets" that will transfer torque quite well to the tool, with all the pros and cons of such a design. I can't help but think this is a way for Mafell to tell you that their routers are built tough, though it's probably just because it is a regional standard they want to support.
    – jdv
    Sep 11 '19 at 15:45

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