I am going to refinish my late 1940s kitched cabinets, but first I need to repair some of the veneer. In some places the veneer is badly damaged, broken, missing. In these areas I removing sections and patching.

But in other sections, as below, the veneer is peeling off of the surface but it has not yet fallen off (the dado is for a shelf). So my question is, what is the best way to fix this? I have some tiny glue syringes which I could use to get some glue behind the veneer, but then I will have to clamp it, and there is going to be a lot of excess glue. Maybe contact cement? Is there any chance that I could use a wallpaper steamer to gently peel back the veneer and reapply with contact cement? Any other ideas?

image of side of kitchen cabinet showing peeling "pickled-oak" veneer

  • Contact adhesive won't really work for this. One of the more usual woodworking glues is the way to go here, and you already have the syringes that make applying it just where needed practical and efficient so you're ahead of the game. – Graphus Feb 10 at 19:02

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