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Can anyone identify this? Woodworking tool?

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    Thanks for posting this, I've never seen a scratch stock quite like it. Although scratch tools were and are commercially available they were often made by the craftsman since all the materials needed were on hand in an average workshop — a scrap of wood, a couple of screws and some saw steel. So this could be a user-made tool, although to a higher standard than most, or a commercial offering. Unusual and rare I think, regardless of source. – Graphus Jan 11 at 9:03
  • Cheers! Thank You! – Jordan Jan 11 at 12:23

This looks like a beading scratch-stock.

Beading is a decorative detail added to the edges of boards to make them less prone to damage and to hide gaps in joinery or around doors. This tool creates them by scraping the workpiece with the metal blade. This is not a "cutting" operation because the blade is held perpendicular with the workpiece. In this case there are several different profiles that you could choose from by rotating the metal piece in the center.

  • Thanks for the Help! – Jordan Jan 11 at 12:22

I found it! - Windsor Beader Type 1 - 1885

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