What type of oil is best for caring for antique moldings and banisters in a 120 year old house?

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    Maybe better for Home Improvement SE (diy.stackexchange.com)? In this case the wood is already "finished" (either by time & hands, or actually finished) so there would be no woodworking or finishing steps required. Maybe if you were asking about restoration, in which case you should provide more details about the wood features and maybe some pictures. BTW, the short answer is "mild soap and water, and then maybe a wipe with a mild cleaner suited for finished wood." – jdv Jan 10 at 20:46
  • This is really impossible to answer as asked, so I highly recommend you edit your Question here (or reword for your possible query for the Home Improvement SE) to add as much detail as possible. And a few photos wouldn't hurt either. [contd] – Graphus Jan 10 at 21:51
  • Bottom line for caring for interior woodwork, if it's basically in good condition then a thorough dusting may be all that's needed! If it needs actual cleaning then all the details matter — type of wood, what finish is on it (and very importantly, its condition), how dirty it is (and with what) and then what you can want or can afford to use (person X will want to avoid anything with "harsh chemicals" in it by Y won't mind) and so forth. As you can see, this might extend to a query that isn't suitable to a venue like this as it would require too long, or too detailed, a response. – Graphus Jan 10 at 21:52

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