I am building a solid oak table made our of 4 boards which will have some limited space (1-2mm) in between them and I will be fixing each of these on 3 metal longitudinal bars (2*3 screws for each board).

I want to know which screws should I use and if I should maybe use threaded inserts instead in order to better control the tension and be able to unscrew them easily if I want.

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    The top is only 5.5 mm thick? That seems unusually thin (~1/4" (plywood) for us Americans) for a tabletop – mmathis Aug 1 '18 at 13:01
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    @sorin did you mean 5.5 cm maybe? – scanny Aug 1 '18 at 21:19
  • Yes, indeed 55mm i – sorin Aug 1 '18 at 21:20
  • I already drilled and used M5 with 35mm. If this proves not to be ok I will upgrade the holes to use M6 thread inserts which would allow me to ease mounting and unnounting.. – sorin Aug 1 '18 at 21:25
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    Big, strong, screws are what you want here. You're using thick material so take advantage of the thickness and use beefy screws. Regardless of the screw you pick pre-drilling is a must and it would not hurt to also lubricate each screw with oil, soap or wax. – Graphus Aug 2 '18 at 13:38

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