I have laser cut the ends of a bicycle brake cable cable chain platform on a CNC I am building. I have looped the bicycle brake cables around one end and tucked the end of the cable through the loop. There is enough friction that the cables stay reasonably taught, though I suspect during normal use, this would sag. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to secure the ends to prevent slipping? I thought I might solder the cable together, but thought a mechanical option would be better, preferably one that would allow me to easily detach the cables should one of the wood brackets break.cable chain holder bracket for bicycle brake cable shelf


One option you have is to use a product known as a split bolt. It's commonly used to join ground wire to an existing ground lead without having to break or cut the existing lead:

split bolt

I've used them to secure 1/8" diameter steel cable for various purposes. Inexpensive and common in big-box hardware stores. So many links returned from my search making it impractical to suggest any specific source.

  • This is the type of thing I was looking for, though the particular configuration of this linked image looks like a hassle to deal with multiple split bolts next to each other. The answer I posted below looks like it will be easier to clamp down on the wire in a tight space while maintaining contact between the wood bracket and the stop. – Mark Brown Jun 3 '18 at 16:48

Seems like you could use a cable tensioner like they use in cabled railings.

The ones on amazon seem pricey but I'm sure there's a plastic version you could get in the hardware store.

This Old House shows their usage in the railing system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNFalmwg3nY

Cable tensioner


I think I have found the ticket. A cable stop that is 6mm in diameter should just barely fit the clearance between holes. If I alternate the orientation of the bolt on top/bottom, I should be able to tighten with a socket too. Blind dumb luck on the engineering tolerances there. $15.50 with shipping for 5.Throttle cable stop with 2.2mm hole & 6mm outer diameter

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