I have two slabs:

  1. redwood
  2. some kind of hard wood that I think resembles a red gum wood

I have coated them in Danish Oil and this coating has been allowed to dry for over 10 days.

My long term goal is a smooth texture with high gloss. So my plan is to apply wipe on poly - clear gloss by minwax.

To this end, I've been using the underside of each slab as a test bed for the topside of each slab. Currently, I'm practicing the technique of applying wipe on poly and building up a film. I've applied 8 coats to the underside of each slab and am noticing that the pores/grain in both are still evident and tactile.

Below are two images of the underside of each slab respectively (after 8 coats of wipe on poly).

With an eye to the road ahead, specifically the topside processing of each slab I have the following questions:

  1. Do I need to just keep applying poly until the pores/grain fill?
  2. If "no" to (1) above, is it possible to apply a pore/grain filler over Danish Oil?
  3. If "yes" to (2), what are recommendations for manufacturer/product/color to use on each of the slabs?
  4. If "no" to (2), will buffing and then polishing using a paste wax by minwax post-applying 7 or so wipe-on-poly layers fill the pores/grain?
  5. If "no" to (4), any alternatives not mentioned?


Redwood: redwood slab

Red gum: red gum slab

  • FYI redwood doesn't have any pores, it's a softwood. The texture you've gotten in that case at least is from the application method, not from the wood. If you apply wipe-on finishes as they're often applied these days (where you wipe off all/nearly all of the excess) you can achieve a pretty great surface with no additional sanding. With care and a bare minimum of further sanding/abrading you can achieve a look quite similar to French polishing.
    – Graphus
    May 1, 2018 at 11:51


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